Hello, My name is Justin, and I was one of the early members of the HHSL.

My memory is far too bad to remember all the events that took place way back then. I see that I left the Toronto Blue Jays on 7/24/2001 (game date)...then later returned to take the helm of the Pirates on 4/1/2009 (game date). Somewhere in there, I did my best to run the league (but eventually burnt out and abandoned the league...sorry).

Despite having left the league for good, I continued to maintain the domain name (HHSL.org) and web hosting. I got a lot from my time in the league, and I felt I owed it to Rudy and the owners to support their interests. A few times a year I would check in, take a look at the message board, see how things were going, etc.

I received an email a week or so ago that Web hosting was up for renewal again. It had been a while since I checked in, so I took a look at the message board. I came upon what appears to be the end of the excellent organization the HHSL became. I canceled the hosting plan, but I will continue to own the domain name as an asset. I set up a makeshift message board as well, to help the owners connect with each other.

I can't speak for Rudy in any way, it's been years since we last exchanged emails, so I have no further insight into the situation. I know he devoted a very large part of his life/free time/energy to the HHSL and all the fellow members over the years.

I wish Rudy all the best in wherever his life takes him, and I hope he finds happiness in his future endeavors.

For anyone that would like to reach out, I've set up a basic HHSL Message Board (you'll need to re-register).

For anyone who would like to look back at bits and pieces (some pages are archived, many are not) of HHSL past, you can view HHSL Snapshots on Archive.org.